Translation of the Relics of St John of God

28 November


Today we commemorate the Translationof the relics of Saint John of God from the Church of “Our Lady of Victory” tothe chapel in the ancient Granada Hospital on 28 November, 1664. Johnof God died on 8 March, 1550 in Granada in the house of the distinguished LosPisa family who had nursed him and cared for him in the final hours of hisearthly life. After the Solemn Requiem Mass, attended by all the civil andreligious authorities and all the citizens of the town, his remains were placedin the Los Pisa family chapel in the Church of “Our Lady of Victory”, belongingto the Order of Minims of St Francis of Paola. In 1664, the Spanish PriorGeneral, Brother Fernando de Estrella, on a visit to the Province of Andalusia,pleaded with the Father General of the Minims to return the holy remains. Havingobtained his consent, Brother Estrella applied to obtain Apostolicauthorisation as soon as possible for the remains to be translated. The Bishopof Granada, José de Argaez, who had been appointed the apostolic Judge of theCause, gave his approval for the translation of John of God’s remains onNovember 28, at six o’clock in the evening. When the coffin was opened containinghis sacred bones, the Chapel of the Los Pisa was filled with a sweet fragrancethat everyone present noted, and which the chronicler of the event described asthe perfume of many the heroic works that John of God had performed for theuniversal good of all. 


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