New project promoted by Hospitality Europe


The Hospitaller Order’s European office inBrussels – Hospitality Europe – has received the good news that the Agencyresponsible for the European Union’s “Erasmus+” programme has agreed to financeanother European project proposal that the office had submitted some months ago,for the specialised training of healthcare and social workers assisting adultvictims of violence (the disabled, people with mental health problems, migrantsetc.).

The new project is entitled “VICTims of violence Overstep Reluctance andIsolation through Adult education” – or VICTORIA) and will begin in thecoming months and be completed in the summer of 2021.

The overall aim of the project is todevelop an effective method for enabling the guests in the Hospitaller Orderstructures with backgrounds of difficult domestic or social violence tocontinue their education and receive vocational training. By offeringappropriate training and occupational activities – taking account of theirtraumas and the psychological repercussions of the violence inflicted on themor witnessed by them – the project partners will promote innovative educationprogrammes to help the victims to overcome the tendency to withdraw, isolatethemselves or fear other people and their own future. 

In addition to the provision ofspecialised training for the carers, particular attention will be devoted tothe psychological and social problems of the victims of violence by drafting aEuropean protocol for facilitating their reincorporation into the world ofeducation and employment.

The project will be coordinated by theMadrid-based Juan Ciudad Foundation and will receive a European grant ofEUR150,000. The centres taking part in the project include the St John of GodCentre at Ciempozuelos (Spain), the St John of God Institute (Portugal), thePampuri Night Shelter in Brescia and the Rome Province’s Centre at Genzano (Italy),in addition to the “Hospitality Europe” office in Brussels. Various events willbe held nationally and at the European level to disseminate the results of theproject and involve other healthcare and social care facilities in the EuropeanProvinces of the Order and the Sisters Hospitallers.


The progetto project has been funded  with support  from the European  Commission.

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