The BE WATER Project has been funded


Yet another project promoted with the collaboration ofthe Hospitality Europe office was financed in the summer months under theErasmus+ call for strategic partnership education projects, entitled, Transdisciplinary  project based on Building Experiencies onWATER through an educational and inclusive approach for students withintellectual disabilities” – BE WATER).

The partnership will cover two years (2019-2021) withEuropean Union funding of EUR194,478.

The purpose of the project is to promote asystem of transdisciplinary education other than in the traditional classroom –namely, in a water environment (swimming pool) - improving the learningabilities of young people with intellectual disabilities while at the same timehelping them to become more independent and improving their quality oflife.  

This type of educational programme has alreadybeen implemented over several years in the Centre of the Hospitaller Order(Fundación Instituto San José) which will be coordinating the BE WATER project.That experience has shown that alternating between the classroom and theswimming pool to educate these young people with disabilities not only improvestheir learning skills but also enhances their psycho-physical well-being duringand after their school work.

The following Institutes will be taking part inthe project activities: Fondazione Istituto San José (Madrid), Saint John ofGod Services (Dublin) and the Institute of the Sisters Hospitallers (Funchal).

A total of 70 young people aged between 3 and 21with intellectual disabilities will take part in the project in addition to theteaching and social care personnel of the 3 participating institutes. Theparties will draft a manual for educators, and protocols for schools and carecentres wishing to try out this innovative learning methodology in a waterenvironment.

Videos and computer applications will also becreated to make the project more widely known and to facilitate thedissemination of the materials generated by it. 

The BE WATER project has been funded withsupport from the European  Commission.

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