Assembly of Major Superiors


TheGeneral Definitory has decided to follow the decision taken during the lastSexennium to convene the Order’s Assembly of Major Superiors every year, for itprovides an opportunity to share, to act collegially and synodically, and todeal with issues of relevance to the whole Hospitaller Family of St John of God.

Allthe Provincials and the General Delegate, the heads of the General Commissions,the Postulation General, and the Superiors of the three Rome Communities(General Curia, Tiber Island Hospital and the Vatican Pharmacy) are attendingthis first Assembly of the new Sexennium which has just begun.

Theteam of the Assembly is “Go forth with passion to promote hospitality”, whichis the same as the one chosen by the General Definitory for the Sexennium. Itis an appeal to the whole Saint John of God Family to live the vocation whichour Lord has given us passionately, enthusiastically and confidently, and toplace all we have at the service of our Gospel-inspired Hospitality.

Onevery important matter that will be dealt with is care for creation,consistently with what Pope Francis has been advocating, and care for thevulnerable people entrusted to the Order’s centres and services. 

In the course of the week, the Plan of Action ofthe General Government, the Regions and the General Commissions will be set out,and external speakers will be invited to address particular topics, while time willbe set aside for group work and for sharing in plenary. 


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