Shaping the Future of Hospitality

A NEW Region within the Order


It is with joy that the General Definitory announcesthe approval for the official establishment of a new region within our Order’sstructures. The new region comprising of the Provinces of Western Europe,Oceania and North America (that includes both the Provinces of Queen of theAngels and Good Shepherd) is one of the first fruits of our recent GeneralChapter. Western European Oceania North America will be known as WEONA.


The new region of WEONAhopes to:

To promote and nourish the sense of brotherhood andhope in this moment of our history that is marked with diminishment, loss andat times grief.

To provide creative opportunities for ongoingformation.

To share information on current ecclesial, politicaland social movements in the Region.

To develop a better common understanding of theimplications and requirements of establishing the canonical and civilstructures for continuing and safeguarding Hospitality that are mentionedthroughout Section 6 of the 69th General Chapter’s Lines of Action.


Interestingly the meaning of the word WEONA is “Where goodness prevails” and it is the prayer of the Order thatindeed this may be the experience of all those within this new region.


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