The VICTORIA project has taken off


The VICTORIA project, fundedby the European Commission during the summer, to provide specialist trainingfor social workers and healthcare practitioners caring for adult victims ofviolence (people with disabilities and mental health problems, migrants, etc.),was launched in Madrid on 25 and 26 November. VICTORIA is the acronym of the project title "VICTims of violence Overstep Reluctance and Isolation throughAdult education", and is being coordinated by the Juan CiudadFoundation in Madrid, which hosted the inaugural meeting. The overall aim ofthe project is to develop an effective method to enable our guests from violentor troubled family and social backgrounds being cared for in the facilities ofthe Hospitaller Order to resume their education and  their vocational training.

The two days spent in Madridwere mainly run mainly by representatives of the Juan Ciudad Foundation andHospitality Europe, who explained to the project partners the main outputs andproducts to be produced by the project: an innovative training programme tohelp victims of violence overcome their feeling of loneliness and isolation,and to draft a European protocol to help them re-join the world of education,training and employment.

The project will cover twoyears and involve the St John of God Centre in Ciempozuelos (Spain), the St.John of God Institute (Portugal), the St Richard Pampuri Night Shelter inBrescia, and the Rome Province’s Centre at Genzano (Italy).

You will be kept updated inthe forthcoming issues of this Newsletter with progress with the Project, andthe calendar of the European meetings.

The VICTORIAproject has been funded with support from the European  Commission.

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