St. John of God Fundraising Alliance


On November29, 2019, the Curia of the Portuguese Province hosted a meeting of the"St. John of God Fundraising Alliance". The agenda focused ontwinnings between Centres of the Order, on how the Order should act inemergencies and disasters (cf. Declarations of the 69th GeneralChapter, 7.3.1), and on the task of the Foundations and NGOs in the Alliance toraise ecological-environmental awareness in the countries where they arelocated and also in the least favoured ones. The day began with the celebrationof Mass, followed by addresses of welcome by the Provincial Superior ofPortugal, Brother Vitor Lameiras, and the Superior and Provincial Councillor,Brother Irineu Gouveia. The Alliance members briefed each other on theiractivities and projects, and updated them on developments since their lastmeeting in June. 

The followingmembers attended the Lisbon meeting: Brother Pascal Ahodegnon, Brother VincentKochamkunnel (General Councillors) and Brother Ángel López Martín as the Directorof the Missions and International Cooperation Office (General Curia), Mr JohnFleming and Mr David Heyer of the St John of God Development Company(Netherlands), Mr Gonzalo Sales Genoves of Juan Ciudad (Spain), Mrs MonicaAngeletti, Mrs Alessandra Ricci and Mr Mario Campone of AFMAL (Italy), Brother AlainSamuel and Mrs De Polignac of the Association d'Aide aux Jeunes Infirmes (France)and Mrs Charlotte de Kervenoael for the Province French, Mrs Margarida LopesSilva and Mrs Rui Ferreira Amaral of the Fundação S. João de Deus (Portugal).


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