The French Province

Closure of the General Canonical Visitation


The General Canonical Visitation to the French Province of St. John theBaptist was closed on 3 and 4 December, in the presence of the SuperiorGeneral, Brother Jesús Etayo. The French Province also includes Madagascar. TheGeneral Canonical Visitation began on 1 November, the Solemnity of All Saints, andwas conducted by the General Councillor, Brother Joaquim Erra Mas. 


On 3 December, he had held several meetings with the President of the FrenchSt John of God Foundation, Mr. Philippe Girard, the Director General of theFoundation, Dr. Patrick Colombel and the heads of the departments of the ProvincialCuria. In the afternoon he had convened a meeting with the Brothers of theProvince, including those from Madagascar, when he submitted his final reportof the Canonical Visitation, dealing the most important aspects of theBrothers' lives, and explaining his assessments and recommendations for thefuture. After a dialogue with the Visitor, the Prior General delivered his concludingaddress encouraging the Brothers to live their Religious consecration withpassion and joy.


On the 4th, in addition to the Brothers of the Province, a large numberof Co-workers were also present, with officials of the Foundation, the Centres,the Provincial Curia and other associations promoted by and linked to theProvince. The Provincial Superior of the Sisters Hospitallers of the SacredHeart Sister Rosalía Goñi was also present, accompanied by other Hospitaller Sisters,and other Religious Sisters close to the French Province.


Brother Joaquím Erra presented his Final Report on the Mission of theOrder in France and Madagascar. After a dialogue with the Visitor, theStrategic Plan of the St John of God Foundation was presented, with a Report onthe Bioethics Commission.


The session concluded with the final address of the Superior General,thanking the Province for the mission it was performing through the Foundationand encouraging everyone to continue updating Hospitality, based on the finalDocument of the last General Chapter and the Message that Pope Francis deliveredto the Order through the Capitulars.


The closing ceremony of the General Canonical Visitation ended with thecelebration of the Eucharist at which the Archbishop of Paris, Mgr. MichelAupetit, presided, and in his homily he gratefully highlighted the mission thatthe Order is performing in France, Madagascar and throughout the world.


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