Barcelona General Definitory


The General Definitoryheld its first meeting of the year in Barcelona (Sant Boi), at the Curia of theAragon Province, from 8 to 14 January, attended by Brothers Jesús Etayo, JoaquimErra, Pascal Ahodegnon, José Augusto Gaspar Louro, Joseph Smith, DaironMeneses, Vincent Kochamkunnell, Rudolf Knopp, Benigno Ramos, Ángel López andAndré Sene.

As usual, the membersof the General Definitory reviewed the past year, and reported on the work ofthe General Commissions, the animation Regions and the canonical visitationsalready conducted since the beginning of the Sexennium. Another item on theagenda was the progress report on the amalgamation of the Spanish and LatinAmerican Provinces, scheduled to take place in 2020. The agenda also includedthe General Government’s annual plan of work.

The Brothers tookadvantage of their stay in Barcelona to visit a few centres of the AragonProvince: the Sant Boi Parc Sanitario, the Barcelona Children's Hospital(Espluguas), the Manresa General Hospital, and the Almacellas Centro Sociosanitario.

A special word ofthanks is due to the Provincial, Brother José Luis Fonseca, the Superior,Brother Eduardo Ribes, and all the Brothers and Co-workers at the ProvincialCuria, in addition to the Co-workers in the Centres we visited for their welcomeand helpfulness shown to the General Definitory during this week of work andservice, and of fraternal sharing in hospitality.


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