Celebration of St. Richard Pampuri ‘s Jubilee Year

Closure of the Lombardy-Veneto Provincial Canonical Visitation


The Closure of the Lombardy-Veneto Provincial Canonical Visitationwascelebratedon Sunday, 16 February in Trivolzio, and the Province usedthe event to celebrate St. Richard Pampuri’s Jubilee Year which had beeninaugurated by the Bishop of Pavia on 1 May, 2019, and will run until itsclosure on the same day in 2020.

The key event was the celebration of Mass in the Parish Church of Trivolzio,which houses the mortal remains of St. Richard Pampuri. The Superior General,Brother Jesús Etayo, presided at the Mass, which was concelebrated by theProvincial Superior, Brother Massimo Villa and a large number of priests fromthe Province and the parish. The ceremony was attended by a large group ofBrothers and Co-workers from the Province, as well as many other parishioners andpilgrims who had come to visit St. Richard Pampuri.

In his homily, the Superior General thanked everyone for their presence,especially all the members of the St John of God Family of the Lombardy-VenetoProvince, the mayor and the parish priest of Trivolzio, for their welcome andhospitality.

He recalled that a Jubilee Year is a time of grace and mercy that theChurch bestows upon a group of believers from a diocese, a Religious Institute ora particular church, on the occasion of some special date. In this case, therequest had been made by the Bishop of Pavia, Mgr Conrado Sanguineti, jointly withthe parish priest of Trivolzio,  in whichthe Order of St. John of God had participated in a practical way through theLombardy-Veneto Province. The Apostolic Penitentiary had replied to the requestby issuing a Decree dated 27 October 2018, granting a Plenary Indulgenceto all the faithful participating in the Jubilee celebrations and prayingbefore the tomb of the saint between 1 May 2019 and 1 May 2020, on condition ofconfession, communion and praying for the intentions of the Holy Father.

For the Hospitaller Order of St. John of God, the Jubilee Year is amoment of grace to become ever more familiar with our saint, who was amagnificent example of hospitality, simplicity and coherence; he is a model whoastounds us by his youth, his work, and the way he turned small acta into greatdeeds, because they were performed with great love.

The Superior General declared that St. Richard Pampuri was "thesaint of hospitality." Above all, he was a hospitaller in the Gospel and John-of-Godsense. He always lived his life in the experience God's love and mercy, inwhich he had certainly been educated. This ensured that he was able to understandand project his life at all times at the service of God and his Kingdom,through simple and humble, but  total,self-giving to the sick and to those who needed him. He knew how to travel alongthe path to holiness by living every moment of his life in humility andsimplicity, offering all of us a model of holiness in our daily humdrumexistence. He did so as a young student, and continued to do so as a doctor atMorimondo, culminating in becoming a Brother of St. John of God, wherever thesuperiors sent him. His heart radiated so much hospitality thanks to his scientificskills and his goodness, that ever more people would come to seek him out.

At the end of the Eucharist, Brother Massimo Villa thanked the SuperiorGeneral, General Councillor Brother Pascal Ahodegnon, and the Superior of theGeneral Curia Community, Brother Dario Vermi, for their presence and their companyon that very special day. He particularly thanked St. Richard Pampuri for hishelp during the Canonical Visitation that had just been concluded, andcommitted the life and future of the Province to Saint Richard’s protection.

After Mass and the recitation of the Jubilee Year prayer to St. RichardPampuri, everyone proceeded to venerate him and present their intentions to himbefore his mortal remains in his chapel in the parish church.

The Closure of the Canonical Visitation was followed by a fraternal supperat the St Richard Pampuri Provincial Retirement Home, for all the Brothers, Sistersand Co-workers who had come to Trivolzio from all the Communities and Centresin the Province.


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