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Straubing Hospital is taking part in the institution of a new Master's degree in patient safety


It isestimated that 60,000 deaths are caused every year by avoidable medical mistakesin German hospitals. This is why, at the end of 2020, the Technical Universityof Munich (TUM) will institute for the first time in Germany a Master's degreein patient safety. In Europe, TUM is the second university after ImperialCollege London, to offer such a course. In addition to the "Klinikumrechts der Isar" hospital in Munich, the Fatebenefratelli hospital inStraubing will also participate in the project on the strength of the exemplarypatient safety measures implemented and practised in the hospital.


In theholding company that controls the hospitals of the Bavarian Province, the anaesthesiologistDr. Robert van Arkel has long been exclusively dedicated to the issue ofpatient safety, according to the Managing Director of the holding company, Mr.Christian Kuhl. During this time, Dr. van Arkel had taken part in severalseminars in the United States. "A pilot project on patient safety is underway at Straubing Hospital and will then be gradually implemented in otherhospitals belonging to the holding company," according to the StraubingHospital General Manager, Dr. Christoph. Scheu.

For many years,Straubing Hospital has been regularly running simulation courses in criticalareas, patient identification safety training courses, drawing up checklistsaccording to the latest findings in the operating room, endoscopy andlaboratory cardiac catheters, as well as training courses for all the staff insafe communications. The hospital intends to make its extensive experience withdesigning the new course of study available to others.

In view ofthe great need for fresh research in the field of patient safety, Dr AngelikaWerner, head of the staff unit for quality and risk management at the TUM'sKlinikum rechts der Isar hospital, thanked the policy makers for their support.The Master's degree course will last for two years and will begin with a groupof 25 students. The course is suitable not only for doctors, but also formanagers of clinical functional areas, managers and other stakeholders in thehealth care system as well as teachers. The course is not only for candidates holdinga Bachelor's degree, but also for non-academic practitioners: This certified adhoc course --  a course module will trainthe participants as patient safety officers.


"Fundingfor the new Master's programme has already been appropriated," announced theBavarian Science Minister Bernd Sibler. "Now we just need theproject." With this new Master's degree, TUM wants to enhance itscommitment to Straubing as a science hub, focusing on biotechnology andsustainability, especially in the medical field. The mayor of Straubing, MarkusPannermayr, praised the Fatebenefratelli hospital as an efficient institution whichis developing well thanks to its forward-looking projects. With the TechnicalUniversity of Munich, the hospital has a strong partner by its side.


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