Simple Profession in Lomé (Togo)


Despite theCovid-19 pandemic with the many restrictions in place, especially lockdown, theFirst Profession of 9 novices from Senegal, Ghana, Malawi and Madagascar tookplace on 1 May, 2020 at the Saint Richard Pampuri Interprovincial Novitiate inLomé (Togo). It was a simple celebration in a calm and prayerful atmosphere, duringthe Solemn Mass of Saint Richard Pampuri and the 1 May Feast of Saint Josephthe Worker in the chapel of the Interprovincial Novitiate at Agoe-Nyivé. It waspresided over by Brother Jacob Tambe Ketchen, Master of Novices, in thepresence of Brother Darius representing our neighbouring Junior Seminary, andBrother Parfait TCHAO, the Delegate of the Provincial Superiors.


In hishomilies, Brother Jacob addressed words of encouragement to the newly-professedBrothers, saying that, "Profession is a birth, and it is in this worldwidesilence that your birth is taking place. It is in this health crisis that youare being called to take on your responsibility as Hospitallers. You are beingcalled to nurse the world under the pandemic, the pandemic of violations of humandignity: disease, violence of all kinds, injustices, rejections,abandonments... and let us be mindful that the scapular is not a crown but asign of humility and service.” 


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