Vatican Pharmacy


The blessing of the newly renovated Vatican Pharmacypremises took place on 14 September 2020, attended by the President of the Governorateof the Vatican City State, Giuseppe Cardinal Bertello, the Secretary General ofthe Governorate Mgr Fernando Vérgez Alzaga, the Superior General ofthe Hospitaller Order  of St. John of God,Brother Jesús Etayo Arrondo, and other senior Vatican officials. 

The renovation work was actually completed at the endof July, and the Pharmacy was opened to the public on 3 August after beinghoused in containers during the operations. The blessing of the new premisesmarked the official inauguration. The ceremony was attended by the Brothers ofthe Community, the pharmacists and other co-workers.

The Cardinal President recounted the history of theservice of the Brothers of St John of God in the Vatican, and thanked the Orderand the staff for the service they offer through the Pharmacy, beforeproceeding to bless the building. The Pharmacy Director, Brother BinishMulackal then stressed that the Vatican Pharmacy was ready to meet to the needsof the public with a new look and improved performance, in a welcoming climate offeringa roomy environment and rapid service. The automated stores would guarantee anexceptional service, optimising the working time spent at the counter to leavemore time for the staff to fully devote themselves to advising customers, transformingwaiting time into working time. He then thanked the authorities, the managementand the staff employees for their cooperation in this period of renewal in theyear of the Covid-19 Emergency.


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