New Vocations for the New Province


The SaintJohn of God Province of Latin America and the Caribbean is continuing to improveevery area of management of our Centres as well as the programmes designed toaccompany the life of the Brothers. The Vocations Promotion Department has beenimplementing the Provincial Plan to boost dissemination and accompany thediscernment process. 

On 4 to 6June, a vocations social get-together was held in Guadalajara at the Convent ofthe Sisters Handmaids of Christ the King, attended by four candidates who werealready working through the stages of the discernment process. This joint eventformed part of the First Phase (Personal and Psychological History) which is designedto help the candidates to identify their qualities and their weaknesses, aswell as God's working in the history of each one. It was led by the coordinatorof Vocations Promotion in the Andean zone, Mr Alexander Estrada, Brother GudielSánchez, the Provincial Councillor for the Life of the Brothers, and theGeneral Councillor for America, Brother Dairon Meneses.

Thecandidates at the event had just experienced a virtual 'Charism Expo' followingthe Unification of the American Provinces, which had been attended by more than50 candidates. Following that event, a group of 11 candidates have beenaccompanied.

We are veryhopeful that by pooling all our efforts, vocations will again arise in placeswhere they have not emerged for a long time, or increase where they have beenin decline.


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