News from the General Curia


Our firstannouncement is the joyful news that on 10 August, Brother Ciriaco Nuin, inZaragoza (Spain), celebrated his 101st birthday. He is currently the oldestBrother in the Order. Thank God, he is in good health, and a beautifulcelebration had been prepared by the Brothers and Co-workers of the Hospital.We send him our heartiest congratulations and best wishes.


In September,in-presence meetings have resumed at the General Curia. Unfortunately, we arestill in the pandemic, but with the proper precautions, we can now allow thistype of meeting. On 3 August, a group of Provincials and Councillors of theProvinces of France, Portugal and Italy met to take up from where the June 19Paris meeting had left off. The Brothers on the Europe Commissionís WorkingGroup on the Hospitaller Religious Life met on Monday 13th, and on Tuesday14th, a group of Brothers and Co-workers met to discuss the juridicalstructures of the Order.


The meeting ofMajor Superiors is scheduled to be held on 29 November to 3 December. We expectalmost everyone to be able to attend and we will lay on an on-line link forthose who are not yet able to travel due to the pandemic.


We hope to beable to continue holding these in-person meetings and to move the programmesforward. We shall also continue using the online links when necessary and for particularmeetings.

We are also resumingthe general canonical Visitations that had been suspended by the Covidrestrictions. Brother Joaquim Erra will conduct his canonical Visitation to thePolish Province on 17 September to 24 October.


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