New Admissions to the Fatebenefratelli European Novitiate


Last Saturday,19 November, onthe Solemnity of the Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the rite ofadmission to the Novitiate by Martin Tuci from the Roman Province, LászlóKalabér from the Austrian Province, Michaël Grugurevic from the French Provinceand Rui Miguel Santos Faria Tereso from the Portuguese Province, was celebratedin the chapel of the Fatebenefratelli European Novitiate in Brescia, Italy.

Presiding over the celebrationwas Brother Massimo Villa, Provincial Superior of the Lombardy-Veneto Provinceas the Delegate of their Provincials, in the presence of the Brothers of theEuropean Community of the Novitiate and a number of Hospitaller Brothers whohad come from the French, Rome and Lombardy-Veneto Provinces for the event.

We wish all the novices to bealways ready to give themselves to Christ and to their brothers and sisters,and to commit themselves as disciples of Christ and His Gospel.

May the Virgin Mary and ourFounder, St John of God, accompany them on this journey and stay close by theirside, especially in times of difficulty.

May St Richard Pampuri, aparagon of Hospitality, intercede for us.


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