Finance Commission Meeting

The Order’s Finance Commission met at the General Curia in Rome on On 24 November 2016. It examined the mid-term balance sheet at 30 June and then the budget for 2017, which it forwarded for final approval to the General Council. They analysed the expenses paid for the restructuring work on the Curia and took the opportunity to inspect the work already completed. One important agenda item was the study of the Provinces’ consolidated balance sheets. The general picture that emerged could be defined as positive. The consolidated balance sheets were not sufficient to enable the Commission to identity any individual centres at financial risk in any particular Province. For this reason, the Commission had designed a supplementary financial questionnaire over the past few months which was analysed for the first time at this meeting. It transpired that 15 of the 278 administrative units of the Order were in a situation of potential financial risk. Contact would be made shortly with these centres to better understand the real situation. The Austrian Province deserved the highest praise for creating the computer platform which the General Curia needed to process the data for the new questionnaire. The next meetings of the Commission will be in March and November next year. 


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