Easy to read

Associations and organisations advocating the rights of people with disabilities are committed to promoting and disseminating written texts and written documents in simple language, easily accessible to people with disabilities. This is one way to break down the language barrier which often exists between society and people with disabilities. In the Church, too, various initiatives have been taken in this direction. Several Bishops’ Conferences have published the Bible using simple language. In several European countries it is now possible to conclude contracts with people with disabilities written in simple language. The Western European Province of the Brothers of Saint John of God has taken a further step forward by setting up a website dedicated expressly for people with disabilities, which you can find at this address: http://easytoready.sjog.ie/

Anyone interested to know out more may contact Mrs Clare Dempsey, the Director of Saint John of God Community Services:

Hospitaller Ministries Headquarters

Hospitaller House


Co. Dublin



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