EU is funding the MOVE ON project

The European Commission has approved the application for funding submitted by the Hospitality Europe office for the new MOVE ON project, which is a continuation (follow-up) and extension of the previous MOVE project dedicated to the rehabilitation of patients through personalised programmes of motor activity and physical exercise performed in special areas within social and health care facilities. The MOVE project was financed and implemented in 2021 and 2022, and was given an excellent assessment by the competent executive agency of the EU Commission (; the application for a follow-up was given an excellent assessment and the financing agreement and disbursement of the first instalment of the grant are now being finalised.

The new MOVE ON project will launch in the autumn and continue until April 2025, with the participation of the Kainbach bei Graz Centre of the Brothers of St John of God (Austria), the St John of God Foundation - Lisbon (Portugal), the St John of God Hospital - Santa Cruz di Tenerife (Spain), the San Giovanni di Dio Institute - Genzano di Roma (Italy) jointly with the Purissima Concezione Foundation of the Sisters Hospitallers - Granada (Spain). The original title of the project is 'MOtivating patients to Voluntary physical Exercise Outside Nursing programmes' (acronym in English: MOVE ON) and its aim is to share and promote in Europe the most effective programmes for maintaining psycho-physical health through regular physical activity by the persons being cared for, even after the completion of therapy and treatment cycles, and accompanying it by ensuring correct nutrition, the importance of diagnostic prevention and respect for the environment. For motor activity promotes the people's social inclusion and self-promotion - especially those who have already faced health problems - and increases their self-esteem, psycho-physical well-being and sense of responsibility for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. The MOVE ON project has been evaluated very positively by the European Commission, because it contributes very concretely and directly to the recent EU initiative "HealthyLifeStyle4All" intended to promote a healthy lifestyle for all generations and social groups, with the aim of improving the health and well-being of Europe's citizens.

The startup of the project and its activities will also be posted on the European Office's webpage


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