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Vai al dettaglio Shaping the Future of Hospitality
A NEW Region within the Order

It is with joy that the General Definitory announces the approval for the official establishment of a new region within our Order’s structures Vai al dettaglio
Vai al dettaglio Assembly of Major Superiors
The General Definitory has decided to follow the decision taken during the last Sexennium to convene the Order’s Assembly of Major Superiors every year Vai al dettaglio
Vai al dettaglio Brother Eustace Kugler
The 10th anniversary of his beatification

It was on 4 October, 10 years ago, that Brother Eustace Kugler Kugler (1867-1946), who had served for many years as the Provincial Superior of the Bavarian Province of the Order  Vai al dettaglio
Vai al dettaglio And We’re All Brothers!...
The Tutti Fratelli group are Religious Brothers living in Rome, representing several different Institutes, who have been meeting since 2010 to share their experiences and to drive forward a number of joint initiatives Vai al dettaglio
Vai al dettaglio The BE WATER Project has been funded
Yet another project promoted with the collaboration of the Hospitality Europe office was financed in the summer months under the Erasmus+ call for strategic partnership education projects, entitled Vai al dettaglio
Vai al dettaglio Hospitality Europe
Meeting with the Provincial Reference Persons

On 17 September, the General Curia hosted the 2019 meeting of the Brussels Hospitality Europe office with the 15 reference persons of the European Provinces of the Order and the Sisters Hospitallers Vai al dettaglio
Vai al dettaglio European Scholastics‘ Meeting
The 4th meeting of Scholastics from the Order’s Europe Region took place on 25-31 August at Sant Boi de Llobregat (Barcelona) attended by 25 young Brothers and Formators Vai al dettaglio
Vai al dettaglio New project promoted by Hospitality Europe
The Hospitaller Order’s European office in Brussels – Hospitality Europe – has received the good news that the Agency responsible for the European Union’s “Erasmus+” programme  Vai al dettaglio
Vai al dettaglio West European Oceania North America
On July 1-5, 2019 Brothers came together in Los Angeles, California to reflect, pray and discern on the creation of a new region and commission in the Hospitaller Order of St. John of God Vai al dettaglio
Vai al dettaglio Europe Working Group
Pastoral care of the sick

The Europe Region Working Group on the Pastoral Care of the Sick met on July 5, 2019 at the General Curia Vai al dettaglio
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