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Vai al dettaglio Covid-19
The Prior General's 7th communiqué

I last wrote to you about a month ago about the coronavirus pandemic and the impact it was having on the world and our Order Vai al dettaglio
Vai al dettaglio The Bavarian Benedictines have given a hand to Tiber Island Hospital
On 26 June, 2020, Father Johannes Bauer of the famous Benedictine Ettal Monastery in Bavaria and Mr. Anton Speer, administrator of the Garmisch-Partenkirchen district Vai al dettaglio
Vai al dettaglio 10 June
Blessed Eustace Kugler

Brother Eustace Kugler was born into the family of a blacksmith on January 15, 1867, the youngest of six children, in Neuhaus near Nittenau in Oberpfalz (Bavaria) and was baptized Joseph Vai al dettaglio
Vai al dettaglio 3 June
St. John Grande, A Saint so far yet so near

St. John Grande was born at Carmona (Seville, Spain) in 1546. He was a Brother with a great human and mystical talents, considered to be a pioneer of care by his fellow Brothers Vai al dettaglio
Vai al dettaglio Our being Religious consecrated to hospitality
Interview of the USG with brother Jesús Etayo, Superior general

Even more than is usually the case, the Fatebenefratelli (Hospitaller Order of the Brothers of Saint John of God) are at the forefront to support  Vai al dettaglio
Vai al dettaglio Simple Profession in Lomé (Togo)
Despite the Covid-19 pandemic with the many restrictions in place, especially lockdown, the First Profession of 9 novices from Senegal, Ghana, Malawi and Madagascar took place on 1 May, 2020 at the Saint Richard Pampuri Interprovincial Novitiate  Vai al dettaglio
Vai al dettaglio 1 May, Feast of St. Richard Pampuri
Closure of the Jubilee Year commemorating the thirtieth anniversary of his Canonisation

St. Richard often reminded people: "Do everything, even the most trifling things, with great love." That is exactly what saints do: doing everything with great love, however trifling Vai al dettaglio
Vai al dettaglio Feast of St. Benedict Menni
Ceremony of Renewal vows - Vietnamese Province

in the Chapel of Province Of The Blessed Mary Of The Holy Spirit - Vietnam held a celebration of the feast of Saint Benedict Menni and the renewal of vows of six brothers Vai al dettaglio
Vai al dettaglio St. Benedict Menni
Hospitality with the heart of God

April 24 is not only a liturgical Feast for the great Family of St. John of God. Today, the Church is offering the world a Saint who is familiar to us because he is "one of our own", one of our Brothers  Vai al dettaglio
Vai al dettaglio Easter 2020
Circular Letter of the Prior General

We are reaching the end of our Lenten journey, and Easter is almost upon us to celebrate the joy of Christ's Resurrection. And so I am sending my Easter greetings to the whole Family of St John of God and to all your loved ones and the guests in the Centres and Services of the Order Vai al dettaglio
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