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Vai al dettaglio Virtual Europe Region meetings
Despite the difficulties associated with the current pandemic phase and the impossibility of organising face-to-face meetings, the geographic and language barriers have been overcome thanks to everyone’s goodwill Vai al dettaglio
Vai al dettaglio Covid-19
The Prior General's 9th communiqué

I send you my cordial best wishes, trusting that you are well and full of hope at this time of the coronavirus pandemic, which is continuing to spread throughout the world, albeit at different rates Vai al dettaglio
Vai al dettaglio Vatican Pharmacy
The blessing of the new premises

The blessing of the newly renovated Vatican Pharmacy premises took place on 14 September 2020, attended by the President of the Governorate of the Vatican City State Vai al dettaglio
Vai al dettaglio Province of Aragon
Brother Ciriaco Nuin celebrated his 100th birthday on August 10th

Brother Ciriaco is currently in the residence of the older brothers of the community of Zaragoza Vai al dettaglio
Vai al dettaglio Solemn Profession of Rev. Br. Victor Kargbo
On the 1st of August in the year of our Lord 2020, the day in which our holy mother Church celebrated one of its great Saints ; Alphonse of Ligouri, the Hospitaller Order of the Brothers of St. John of God Vai al dettaglio
Vai al dettaglio Vatican Pharmacy
The renovation work has been completed

The renovation work was necessary not only to bring the premises into compliance with current regulations, but also to improve the management of the spaces and to automate the sales point Vai al dettaglio
Vai al dettaglio Neonatology
The EXIT Procedure performed at the St John of God San Pietro Hospital

A complex EXIT (Ex Uterus Intrapartum Therapy) procedure was successfully performed on 6 July at the St John of God San Pietro Hospital thanks to collaboration between specialists from the Bambino Gesù and the San Pietro Hospitals Vai al dettaglio
Vai al dettaglio The Bavarian Benedictines have given a hand to Tiber Island Hospital
On 26 June, 2020, Father Johannes Bauer of the famous Benedictine Ettal Monastery in Bavaria and Mr. Anton Speer, administrator of the Garmisch-Partenkirchen district Vai al dettaglio
Vai al dettaglio 10 June
Blessed Eustace Kugler

Brother Eustace Kugler was born into the family of a blacksmith on January 15, 1867, the youngest of six children, in Neuhaus near Nittenau in Oberpfalz (Bavaria) and was baptized Joseph Vai al dettaglio
Vai al dettaglio 3 June
St. John Grande, A Saint so far yet so near

St. John Grande was born at Carmona (Seville, Spain) in 1546. He was a Brother with a great human and mystical talents, considered to be a pioneer of care by his fellow Brothers Vai al dettaglio
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